The Cornell Journal of Architecture is a critical journal of architecture and urbanism produced by editors in the Department of Architecture at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, Cornell University.

Established in 1981, the Journal has been the locus of a critical discussions emanating from the study of architecture at Cornell. Previous themes have included Urban Design, The Vertical Surface, Paidia, Media of Representation, Graduated Practices, The Future of Permanence, RE, and Mathematics.

Photo: William Staffeld/AAP (Issue 9)
Photo: William Staffeld/AAP (Issue 9)

In addition to an open call, student editors solicit texts and drawings from a range of disciplines and locations both inside and outside Cornell University, centered around a relevant theme. For contributions, announcements.

Editors of The Cornell Journal of Architecture 9
Nicholas Cassab-Gheta (B.Arch. ’14)
R. M. Nelson Crosby (B.Arch. ’12)
Carly Dean (B.Arch. ’14)
Julia Gamolina (B.Arch. ’13)
Mikhail Grinwald (B.Arch. ’13)
Ian Janicki (B.Arch. ’12)
Jackie Krasnokutskaya (B.Arch. ’14)
Jae Hee Lee (B.Arch. ’12)
Jessica Levine (M.Arch. ’12)
Le Luo (B.S. History of Architecture ’13)
John Lura (M.Arch.2 ’11)
Daniel Marino (B.Arch. ’12)
Katherine MacDonald (B.Arch. ’13)
Alison Nash (M.Arch. ’13)
Heriberto Rodríguez Valenzuela(M.Arch. ’13)
Nathan Scheidt (M.Arch.2 ’11)
Ishita Sitwala (M.Arch.2 ’12)
Caroline O'Donnell, Editor-in-chief

Photo: Zachary Tyler Newton(Issue 8)
Photo: Zachary Tyler Newton(Issue 8)

Editors of The Cornell Journal of Architecture 8
Melissa Constantine (M.Arch. ’11)
Matt Eshleman (B.Arch. ’10)
Kyle Jenkins (M.Arch. ’11)
Daniel Marino (B.Arch. ’12)
Jeremy Alain Siegel (B.Arch. ’10)
Christine Song (B.Arch. ’09)
Julianna Valle-Velez (B.Arch. ’12)
Stephanie Vito (M.Arch. ’09)
Irina Chernyakova (B.Arch. ’10)
Raymond Fort (B.Arch. ’11)
Timothy Liddell (B.Arch. ’10)
Adam Murfield (M.Arch. ’10)
Zachary Tyler Newton (M.Arch. ’10)
Steven Zambrano Cascante (B.Arch. ’10)
Caroline O'Donnell, Editor-in-chief

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