Afterimages . . .

In its 10th issue, The Cornell Journal of Architecture remains committed to the equality of text and image as legible and meaningful communication devices. Whereas issue 8’s theme of “RE” provoked textual prompts, the tenth issue’s interest in things unspeakable, things in-between, and things uncanny, produced a series of drawings which exist between texts as a link to incite thoughts about the overlap, disconnect, and inversion.

i Between Black Whisky and Phantom of the Operation: Full Circle, from the whisky bottle to that other intoxicating hand-held device.

ii Between Phantom of the Operation and Data Lives Here: the iPhone and its house of information.

iii Between Data Lives Here and Between Categories: Sullivan’s Parallelism: the Barclay- Vesey Building and Sullivan’s Guaranty Building.

iv Between Between Categories: Sullivan’s Parallelism and Ghosts of the Future: Gray’s seedling and the mushroom cloud.

v Between Ghosts of the Future and Specters of Marks: the chimney and the monument.

vi Between Specters of Marks and Ruins of Urban Phantasmagorias: Belfast’s abandoned houses and Bucharest’s Obor District.

vii Between Ruins of Urban Phantasmagorias and Melancholy and the City: the Communist block and the Situationist conduit trap the sleeping “starved dog of the senses”.

viii Between Melancholy and the City and Ghost Cities of the Twenty-First Century: the turtle
in the city and the empty cultural monuments of Ordos.

ix Between Ghost Cities of the Twenty-First Century and Watermarks: Chinese speculative development and raised coastal housing in the United States.

x Between Watermarks and Haunted Houses: the elevated house and the haunted dress.

xi Between Haunted Houses and Haunted Representations: Rendering the Uncanny: encountering the ominous, and recreating it.

xii Between Haunted Representations: Rendering
the Uncanny and Phenomenal Animisms: Parasols, Phones, and Pokémon: Pulp-fictional fleeing figures and Darwin’s dog.

xiii Between Phenomenal Animisms: Parasols, Phones, and Pokémon and Unearthly Terrains of the Overlook Hotel: the screeching object and the Steadicam.

xiv Between Unearthly Terrains of the Overlook Hotel and A Grand Detour: the Kubrick’s maze and Rossi’s Modena Cemetery.

xv Between A Grand Detour and X-Ray: Constant’s New Babylon and dissected points in a linear space

xvi Between X-Ray and Dash: an unbuildable construct and Lai’s Crown of Love.

xvii Between Dash and What Keeps You Up at Night?: Lai’s Museum Experiments and Agrest’s Drawing no. 1: Framed, 1989.

xviii Between What Keeps You Up at Night? and Angels and Devils: Agrest’s city, own over by Hejduk’s Angel.

xix Between Angels and Devils and Angels’ Share: bottle of the Suicide

xx Between Angels’ Share and Black Whisky: the foundations of distilling

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